Rachel Graves’ “Menagerie”: artists continue to speak up against street harassment

Rachel Graves is another artists that is using her work to speak up against street harassment through her series “Menagerie”.

The artist says:

There is an inextricable link between the domination and exploitation of women, and the domination and exploitation of animals.
Animals and women are objectified in similar ways: from the mass media fantasy images of impossibly proportioned women and happy cartoon cows and chickens, to the animal names and insults directed toward women.
Women are called foxes, bitches, birds, lambs — domestic and game animals. If men are compared to animals at all they are wolves, bears, stallions — symbols of strength and power.

Quote from lens culture.

An article from reports:

Graves’ “Menagerie” takes the language of street harassment one harrowing step further, by visually recreating the words that women are so often called in the street. Bitch, bird, fox – these words dehumanize women when they are directed at them in public spaces; Graves’ stunning, raw self-portrait series illustrates this horrible occurrence.

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The story on the struggles of Egyptian women and their rights. Associated Press reports how very little has changed on the ground to enshrine their rights in spite of the country’s new constitution. There have been series of cases of mass sexual harassment faced by women especially since 2011 during the unrest where women protestors faced unprecedented crackdown leading to deaths and brutal sexual assaults.

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