Street sexual harassment can happen anywhere, anytime. Three weeks ago we asked you to share your experience of harassment on the streets

From Paris to Kolkata, you shared your stories that showed how widespread and underreported this problem is. Here’s what some of you wrote that shows the vicious nature of the attacks irrespective of time, location and gender:

“It was summer, so I wore a dress, and on my way up the stairs, I felt a hand go up the back of my dress, grab my butt and flip my dress up. I turned quickly to yell at the perpetrator, only to see a man at the bottom of the stairs holding a cell phone camera up at me with a hat low over his face.”


“One morning I got off the light rail (a train service) and was walking down the street and a man was walking towards me. When he passed by me, I heard him stop and turn around. I kept walking and he started following close behind me. He didn’t say a word but he kept following me for a few blocks… I know it doesn’t sound particularly bad but the while situation was terrifying.”


“Other than the usual catcalling, I’ve also been experienced homophobic sexual harassed.
Once, I was pretty scared because it was late at night and I was alone and there were three guys harassing me. I don’t know what I would have said because I feel no reason gets through to those kind of people. But I wish I had said SOMETHING.”

“I currently work in a high school, and there has been a problem with lock on the front gate. I found a janitorial staff member in our school’s cafeteria and went to talk to him to help remediate the problem. As I described the problem to him, I could not help but notice he was staring down my dress. I tried moving about to distract him, but despite my efforts continued to blatantly stare at my chest. When I had finished describing the problem, anticipating an appropriate response, he bit his lip and said, “Say, how about I take you out for a drink sometime…Love the way this dress looks on your body by the way.”’

South of France

“It happened thrice and always in a train (Sealdah Rajdhani going to or coming from Delhi). Thrice I made a ruckus and the culprits were tongue tied. In the first case, the passengers roughed him up and then the police came and took him away. He was trying to grope me in the middle of the night. No case was registered.”

Kolkata, India

“Catcalls, insults such as “faggot” and other pejorative words, refusal to serve me in restaurants, bad service or lack of service in stores, disdainful attitude.”

San Juan

Keep sharing your stories and help us report, you can also tweet at us.


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